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Our services in Russia and in the world

Are you willing to escape death by means of cryonics or to preserve your loved one giving him a chance to extend his life in the future?  To realize it, one must carry out an immediate  and qualitative cryoconservation and a reliable preservation of his body till the time when a possibility for his revival arises.

 You’ve made the right choice to contact us. While most people in the old way choose a total destruction of a man after his legal death, KrioRus offers to preserve human personality after his death, giving him a chance for revival in the future.

Since  2005 we have been engaged in cryopreservation of humans and domestic animals. We have carried out fourteen cryiopresevation procedures. Clients from various Russian cities, as well as from Europe cooperate with us. We are always ready to help you.

Our proposals

We recommend to conclude the Cryoconservation Agreement beforehand, when you are still in good health. We offer two cryoconservation modes and various additional options.

Neuroconservation  — a reliable service for modern and technically adequate clients. If you are aware that a man is his brain and, concluding the Cryoconservation Contract, rely upon getting a new body in the future, neuroconservation is the choice for you. In this case we shall preserve the client’s brain after his death by a maximally qualitative perfusion and ensure a highly reliable storage. It is hoped that in the future he may get a grown anew or totally artificial body.

The price for neuroconservation is 12000 $.

Cryoconservation of the whole body – the choice for those who value stability and traditional mode of life and do not want to surprise or shock his friends and family. If you prefer to make yourself safe by preserving your body or consider the biological revival more probable, we are ready to do it for you. In this case storage is by far more comlpicated thus making the cryoconservation procedure more expensive.

The price for cryoconservation for the whole body is 36 000 $.

Additional Options

Emergency Cryoconservation  — for the case if a potential client has just died or is in a critical state and the Cryoconservation Contract has not been concluded in advance. In this case KrioRus does not have time for preparation (for each case is unique and requires individual attention (approach)). That is why the cost of cryoconservation work in this case may be higher. The base cost is the same as for neuroconservation or the cryoconservation of the whole body depending on your choice.

Payment by installements — if you are far-seeing enough and are preparing for cryoconservation in advance, you are offered the possibility to pay for cryonic services by installements. In case something happens to a client before full payout, a client can allocate a deficient sum from his property, mentioning it in his will.

Standby  — death is not always unexpected. If you wish to pay for standby services, we are ready to send an expert (experts) who can make preparatory work for cryoconservation in advance. Thia case is agreed upon individually and is paid by individual arrangement. The payment amount depends on the client location, expected standby time, availability of necessary materials, equipment and experts there.

Remote cryoconservation  — the KriRus company is located in Moscow, so our services to non-resident and foreign clients are more complicated and expensive. In case of necessity we can send an expert for the assessnemt of the cryoconservation possibility on site and preparatory work. Moreover, we can render consulting services on a remote basis.  

Cryoconservation of animals — many people are willing to preserve their pets in the hope to clone or reanimate them in the future.  We are ready to help you to do that. Cryoconservation is performed by highly professional veterinary doctors.

Storage of DNA and personal information. The best way to preserve a man’s personality is to cryonize his  brain. As a first step, you may preserve your  DHA samples and personal information (video records, dairies, letters, memories) in a digital form.

Your next steps

Contact us by e-mail ( or by phone  8-905-768-04-57, 8-962-947-50-79 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 8-962-947-50-79      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and discuss the possibility of cryoconsevation for you and your loved ones. Conclude the Cryoconservation Contract. Draw up a will wherein you express your wish to be cryonized in the event of the death.

Start looking forward with confidence.

Additional information

For more detailed information on cryoconservation stages, see the page “The Description of the Technical Process”.

In Russia cryonics is lawful – a man has the right to define the terms of his conservation after death. The Russia laws allow the preservation of a frozen body.

In accordance with some forecasts, revival will be possible already in 2030—2050*. Patients who have chosen neuroconservation, may hope to obtain a new body< for example, with the use of techniques being developed now (see  organs growing today) or nanotechnology.

* The possibility of revival depends not on the KriRus company, but of the overall development of science and technology, in particular, of nano medicine. Currently, the character and cost of reanimation work can be only approximately defined. The cost of cryoconservation and storage cannot guarantee revival works; still, a client can allocate additional money for it to raise the chances of reanimation.