Cryonics – a reasoned choice of a modern man

Cryonics is the practice of preserving the body or head / brain of human after legal death in a state of deep freeze, with a view to his recovery and cure (including the effects of aging) in the future, when medical and other technologies allow it.

Most people, living in the present, have a chance to radical life extension, even if they... die. The reliability of this assertion is easy to understand, if we combine scientific facts, real possibilities of modern cryonics and reasonable assumption on the prospects of technologies. Facts: at very low temperatures chemical and biological processes, including processes of decay, are ternimated. Thousands of people are born each year from frozen semen and embryos. Some animals, such as the larvae of butterflies and caterpillars, polar worms, Tardigrada, insects survive even in liquid nitrogen and come back to life after thawing.

Possibilities: recently deceased people can be even now preserved at very low temperatures in containers with dry ice or liquid nitrogen cryostats without a slightest damage for indefinitely long time.

Prospects: in the near future, with the use of nanotechnology, and other technologies - like growing bodies and brain simulation, аny damage to the human body can be corrected, including damage which caused the death, signs of aging and damage caused by freezing.
A project of nanorobot

Therefore, it is only required that shortly after the death body is frozen and preserved in such a state till the time when science is able to defreeze and revive a man.

It does not matter what killed him - aging or disease, does not matter even if freezing technologies at the time of death may not be perfect. Sooner or later humanity will reach a level of development at which it can revive and cure people previously exposed to cryonic suspension, for example, using nanotechnology or any other techniques being developed now.

Cryonic suspension is service available to most people who want to preserve for themselves the possibility of life in the future. In the "KrioRus" company the price of cryonic suspension and indefinite cryoconservation of the patient's head or brain is 12 000 $ U.S., the price of services of cryonic suspension and cryoconservation of the whole body range from $ 36 000. Moreover, in some cases you can pay in installments and pay some part of money in accordance with the testament.

The number of people exposed to cryonic suspension and people who have signed contracts for cryopreservation, is growing worldwide. Do not put off signing the contract, losing precious chances for immortality.

Contact the KrioRus company now. Cryonics is your chance to return.